Wednesday, April 12, 2017

hear me roar

vines strap me down
and my fools crown
gone, but forever’s
not so long

i bear a smile
and i beguile
my lies, time’s up so
I must rise

nothing there, nothing to tell
before me just a freezing hell
cold sharp-edged things
in endless rings

saw it before
but now i’m here
and i can see her
be as sharp-edged as you wish
i stumble towards the end of this
am my own puppet, my own strings
and between these sharp-edged things
you’ll hear me roar

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Friday, October 07, 2016

Wanderers Nacht

Bedeckte Nacht
der Wandrer wacht
in seiner Lichtung
sein Licht aufgebracht

Im Feuerschein
gekauert verweiln
der Nebel beißt
schwer das Gebein

Herbstmond in grün
die Sichel so kühn
der Wandrer lächelt
die Augen glühn

Nachts Atem zieht
Nachts Musik spielt
Nachts kalter Pfeil
auf den Wandrer zielt

Eis im Herzen
frei von Schmerzen
der einsame Mond
hört den Wandrer scherzen

Wie er verliebt
er hier verblieb
der Nacht so nah
bis in den Morgen
wenn frei von Sorgen
er ewig seiner Nacht nah war

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Friday, January 15, 2016


I have a headache
color’s seeping into my eye
spreads thin from a stream
as innocent as sin
comes to a stand still in time
before my eyes,
this evaporating swirl of color
like the lightest, tenderest touch
caressing my temples
I move in slow motion
Over the bodies in my path
I have a headache

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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

memory in the blood

here i sit – slowly turning
the glass within my hand
i await the blinding morning
drink the last, to waiting’s end

laid back in my cushioned chair
the gray dawn is before my eyes
to the horizon far, i stare
to see the break of the sun’s rays

solemn gust over the terrace
picks up and becomes an ill wind
the clouds circle into a grimace
the sun drives the air in front of it

in a motion, i arise
to greet my so unwelcome guest
seeking to finish my demise
already no heart beating in my chest

he comes for what is left of me
but if i have to go entirely
i burn what’s left of me to take
dark embers scorch all in their wake

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Monday, May 04, 2015


bring me, mortal, bring me back
grasp my hand and seal the pact
break my prison, break me free
there is thick air awaiting us
thick with steam and human musk
bring us back for all to see

feel my blood pump through your veins
surrender, let me take the reins
we’ll shatter right through this tomb’s slabs
announce our voice into this night
on this earth another blight
there’s hell to pay, and we’ll pay lots

vessel, add your voice to mine
our roar bursting into our spine
we feel the wetness on our face
we feel our body twist and turn
our throat hurt, our muscles burn
rise to the light, in all our grace

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Monday, April 06, 2015

Dreaming Ein Sof’s Serenade

drone drone baritone
shake my hands right through the bone
pulse pulse and convulse
my limbs my thoughts still feeling false
sing sing everling
remind me of what’s ever been

remind me of the source of scars
remind me of me raising swords
remind me of the great red thirst
remind me of the hand that irks
remind me of this energy
that breaches from inside of me
remind me of my dooming voice
that screams through dark and light and lies
remind me of my still closed eyes
so that i change and wake and rise

feed me lest I feed on you
my heart bleeds life, you’ll have to do

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Wednesday, September 24, 2014


on my back, i am
staring through the ceiling
through the sky

face no expression
shiny marbles behind
tired curtains

my heart so slow
like a faucet
barely dripping

every limb
as if full of
cold lead

my room closed off
grasping the air
in front of me

jumped up, i sing,
dance, as the speakers
drone music

my mind is overflowing
Too many things
There’s no direction

my heart
just barely
isn’t dead

i seep like poison
through myself
a burning, numbing sensation

all energy caught up
in undirected, idle

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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

The Herald

behold, beware,
here comes the herald of despair
striding in the flesh
for the sun to look upon

look out, take care
he runs his fingers through your hair
is clad in all hopes ash
no sun is left after he’s gone

he lifts your chin and tugs your skin
and smiles at you with weary eyes
he grasps your hand, he’s in the end
fair warning just, not the demise

behold, beware,
here comes the herald of despair

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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

gentle hands, rememberance

sat here all day
can prove it to you
I counted the clouds
there’s so much to do

I took my sweet time
to gather my strength
I took up sweet pace
to travel the length

almost running but it’s not
still my breaths are soft
I learned how to dance
see, I practiced so oft

my hands learned how to play
my mouth learned how to sing
traveled smiling, away
never thinking a thing

I have become more than I had wished
touched by all their serenity
I saw you afar, it gripped my heart
I’ve become wiser, hardened, but to me

you are a curious memory
I’m on the ground and cannot rise
won’t talk to you, sweet passerby
your curious gaze is my demise.

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Saturday, September 21, 2013


before september’s moon they bow
dawn of the wild hunt
silence, but whispering winds
leaves rustle through cold damp air
waving, caressing hair and skin
and hot breath and blood
fights the night’s coldness

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