Thursday, November 30, 2006

back and ravenous

a music played the heartbeat
dry veins filled with blood
stain leaves the skin
stain leaves the minds
back’s something great and odd

nothing bad in sight
considered and accepted
feels so good
feels so false
will never be neglected

primitive thoughts
you can not tell
you can not see
that they are hell

since you all’ve been living them
I’ve been laughing crazed and loud
day by day drawing out the beast
forgotten, exhausted, I’ll die proud

killing logic with my logic
at least you’re gonna smile with me
I also opened my eyes for other things
enjoying, but don’t want to be

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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

mirror my mind

things won’t come out
won’t come out clear
shards and broken peaces

I did never care but
since I try to adhere
to a system that knows no releases

I do not feel any superior
I do not any longer
feels like I would be seeing the essence of everything
but to my words the world still makes me wonder

odd thing
they do not understand
of me to be the one to strand

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Thursday, November 23, 2006

weird haiku

he dances, she screams
they make the red flowers grow
nothing equal, no

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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

evil men in the mirror

flickering surrounded by
darkest things that drive me high
why do I bare my teeth towards
myself when there are no awards

for mimicries of what I hate
but a rising voice to yell
at me and tries to grate
the mask I wear ’cause I fear hell

it feels like something from my eyes
dripping down and bring disguise

as if I even could touch it
fine, soft sand, marble to touch
glowing and cold but yet so much
relation to my soul that fit

to the persons in the mirror
blades and wings and claws and fangs
drinking pain and lust and death
freaked out enough, going where my reason hangs

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Sunday, November 19, 2006

accumulating dumb

three steps
six eyes honouring my presence
what can I do?
frawn, fuck you

never mind my mind
left too much behind
primal strings are pulled
back to the base I strolled

left and right
dead bodies of my idols
dead bodies of my ideals

walking a slight destructive way
even chaos can’t save me today

and I run smiling into my death
a healthy life without any depth
I fucked up myself at freest will
that’s been stupid, going further
like trying to sleep, going further
like trying to die for a last thrill

killing all my mind
leaving all my thoughts behind
determining further steps
clutch my head until it fraps

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Thursday, November 16, 2006


willst du nicht erkennen
welche Listen welche Lügen
Hass und Rache zu betrügen
tief in meinem Innern brennen

willst nicht mit den Zähne beißen
und Fleisch von Knochen reißen

dein Hass soll verborgen
alles was an dir verdorben
in den Tiefen deiner Seele
in Ketten sein, damit’s dir fehle

nein, ich bin nicht blinde Wut
bin nicht Chaos oder Tod
bin auch sicherlich kein Tier
nun horch, dein Meister spricht mit dir

du sollst dir deine Klingen schmieden
ohne wirst mich nicht besiegen

musst lernen unsichtbar zu schwelen
und im Stillen zu versengen
und lernen Leben auch zu stehlen
wenn sie dich nicht anerkennen

aller Frieden wird nichts taugen
niemand Ruhe dir erlauben
wenn du nicht deine Flügel hast
mit denen du den Sturm entfachst

nun schrei die Asche in die Luft
mein Schüler, unser Abschied ruft

ich will dich nun in Ruhe sehn
und wenn ichs sag in Flammen stehn

nimm die alten Klauen dir
nimm die Zähne wie ein Tier
wenn sonst kein Ausweg mehr vorhanden
sollen sie gegen dich branden

und sonst, brenn leise
wie die Kerzen
brenne wärmend
doch im Herzen

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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

eine Musik nach Nirgendwo

lausche stehend in Aleen,
wo rechts und links nicht Bäume steh’n,
sondern Nichts, erstickt im Keim,
in die Abendluft hinein

das Dunkel beugt sich zu mir runter,
wo meine Augen klarer sehn,
es kommt vor mir zum stehen,
es ist wie Weltunter

wie tot sehe ich Fehler,
sehe ein verlohr’nes Haus
und an meinen Lidern steht da
ohne Leben das Wort raus

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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

I got problems… This is ironic you fuck. No it’s not, you just got the wrong idea.

I’m always one step further than you
I do not look into your eyes
I also pay attention, too
But always shure to keep disguised

A poetry of selfcontrol
I paint it with my very thoughts
a high-wire act to roll
I guess I hope you find the odds

Strange thing I can’t avoid you ‘n’ your eyes
I’m trying, but you push it, I regret
dear fellow, shall I brake your disguise?
shall I get into your head?

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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

bound circlet

let me out, let me out,
let me go, set me free
it is cold, just too cold
feels like dead eternity

all my hideouts blown away
my mind lays in shards today
no more cunning double play
no more desire for the fray

I am ‘coming down again
dazing’s fading, never mind
I find myself, feeling pain
I am trapped so far behind

I swear myself to never fall
as I crumble through the ash
how shall I fall, I lost it all

let me out, it is too cold
too dark, too tight, and I’m not bold
anymore since I feel wake
this ash is mine, this is my fate

I feel me bound, I feel as if
there was something to squirm out
fuck all this, I want to leave
find a resort from this rout

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Wednesday, November 08, 2006


bright facettes
single lights
unable to tell

aspects without contemplates
burning down at heighened rates

like the heads
cooled down lives
formed by the well

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