Monday, February 26, 2007

wine and a black jack, wine from a broken bottle

lick it all up
the red liquor’s sweet
lick it all up, boy
you’re eyes are
blind from
the booze

as you drain
the fresh air
you’re sight
will clear

grin, boy, it’s here
the sweet red liquor
lick it all up boy
kill yourself once again

order another bottle
of that kind of wine
tell them not to
let it break again

ask the price of that bottle
ask yourself
check your wallet and think
is it really still worth it

knock on your head, black jack
have you really ordered wine?

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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

> play

rise and shine
your pretty face
all eyes upon you

so come on, shine
or you will raze
the world – your clue

so take that thought
and try to frown
it will make you smile

another you brought
and you are shown
one very different style

come on dance
and think again
come on dance
and think again

try to wake up and find yourself
lying in a pit of oil
ask the hidden spark to lit you
the grin will come, call in your coil

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Sunday, February 11, 2007

the ballad out of mind

look left, i am human
look right, i am beast
but i forged a denial
of my nature at least

to become something new
a human, felt true
but where is my drive
i looked back and i frowned
it’s in the essence i drowned
so i’m still alive

i deny every meaning
and i starve out of lust
i accept minor needs
and don’t differ from dust

so i said, i will live
and will live for my self
for pleasure and fun and
don’t care how to behave

no meaning means no rules
so i said, it’s ok
just find out how it works
i did day after day

then i became something new
much more human, so true
no drive there but hope
and the small phrase ‘why not?’
but still i will rot
and enjoy my envelope

as i blind my self
while i am seeing so clear
and still do things
and feel and… my dear

i am dead, i’m alive
i don’t care, i just do
and i do for feelings
if not, nothing new

a perfect thing
likely like nothing
the funs’ rules all make sense
what about asking for a dance?

the dance of a mad man
much more sane than you are
mad because it is right
and noone is a liar

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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Idee des Ideals

ein schöner Klang, ein schönes Bild
ein schöner Geruch, Geschmack sind, was zählt

einfache Erkenntnis dazu so oft verneint
die schöne Berührung, verdammt als das Leid

und was kümmert es den Entrückten
sich diesem zu beugen
spielt nur um zu bezeugen
Probleme die es niemals gab
fliegt frei auf dem Weg zum Grab
auf Drachenschwingen, den Verzückten

doch ein Dorn in den Augen
klammert an Wissen mit Glauben

und genießt die Welt trotzdem
der Drache kann nicht untergehn

solang er seine Schwingen hat
hebt er von jedem Grunde ab

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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

playing blind

unseen birds fly over my head
as unseen as all those things lead
into my hands, but they are felt
and all the things i’ve ever held

are so vain
are forgotten
and the remain
is all rotten

i promised to keep my eyes closed
oh, wether i am blind nor are my eyes closed
i must be ignoring and people think i was stupid
i don’t ignore, i am far behind all this shit

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Sunday, February 04, 2007


nothing makes you sleep
nothing makes you weep
nothing makes you try
nothing makes you die

but think
and once
do have
both reason
and scapegoat
deny them
but you wont
and you will
defy them

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Friday, February 02, 2007


feel, think, run, feel
created to be, destined to die
feel, think, run, feel
stupify me, I am not here
I am not here, I do not lie

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