Friday, October 26, 2007

like the sky does

bleeding down onto the earth
home of gods and countless stars
bleeding sun and rain and cold

feign to burn and feign to fade
bare eyes can not see the sun
we know it’s there, that’s what we’re told

an endless amout of what spends life
wrists are filled and trees are grown
there is no end, we’ve not been shown

for days and years
like the sky i did
burn and will never be devoured
cried and raised new hopes and
created things
ran round a circle, and grew wings
i have been like and with the sky
there’s a hole in it, it makes things end

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Monday, October 15, 2007

glas string

what a lovley thing
what a nasty sting

punkies dancing through the world
and search the light the light tonight

trouts are floating in the lake
floating up and close the gap

hooks are flying through the air
roaming ’round until they bound

what a lovley thing
what a nasty sting
i feel it in my skin
my very own glas string

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Wednesday, October 03, 2007

step back

feathers fall
from golden skies
golden feathers
the colour fades

the feathers fade
the colour’s gone
where it once’s been
is now a song

where the golden glow was seen
is now the dirt below in green
how could one ever know what would
be in this seldom show instead

there is no step back
when one can’t go
falling through time
like golden glow

the green seems pretty nowadays
free air roams and it turned to blue
to red to yellow
it never turned to gold again
not sure if it has ever been

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