Wednesday, November 28, 2007

drug dream

I danced with devil’s lady
and followed to her cave
as we danced she set me on fire
I burn, devour and crave

I sit on a mountain high
I can not sleep at night
I can not sleep at day, no more
I am so ready for the flight

I close my eyes and I breathe in
and spread my burning wings
the devil’s lady follows me,
makes me dream of viscious things

I’ve been around everywhere
but can not tell this place
what is it, that I drank that night
my arms are wings are claws that raze

where am I, I run full of fear
run full of joy, I feel so vast
I can not think, I only race
and forever will this last

query, I am burning though
colors unknow, joy unknow,
you unknow, I laugh, I frown
so many needles in my head

there are so marvelous things around
so beautiful und unreal
I wish that you could see
I wish I could forever be

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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

been around

all along the tempest
all along the shore
learning ’bout the rain and storm
and so much fucking more

all along the mountans
the snow, the ice, the cold
hunting down my nightmares
to fix and to behold

so listen up boy, I can tell
I’ve been around, heaven and hell
but I still lay wake
I still can take

all along the desert
under moon and sun
I hunted without rest and
still am not done

I haunted the cities
I haunted the woods
slept with wolf and tiger
I’ll hunt it to it’s roots

listen up boy, for I can tell
I’ve been ’round heaven and hell
but I still lay wake
and I did forsake

I’ll hunt till the morning light
gives me back my sight
and takes the drive away
so let me rest at the day

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