Tuesday, January 22, 2008

of the drowned. from the drowned.

under weeping sky we live
sunshine sure still comes and goes
laughter present memories
in a world of friends and foes

we are alive, amongst you all
like you, with stories of our fall
little heartbeats keep us ‘live
can not hold on what you give

thankful we drain every joy
keeps us smiling till next day
when the morning takes away
when we remember being a toy

crushed we are and crushed we’ll be
drowned in our memory
can’t see the rising sun at dawn
can’t see her dusk, we hide and frown

we can not think anymore
and often we don’t want to live
not within this situation now
still can’t hold on what you give

we can not see the light you say
we say you can’t see the dark
when you once understand our ways
you’ll be welcomed by our black ark

(and we will swim and sail forever
beneath our selves, beneath the sea
of our souls without a crape
this is our truth, we can’t escape)

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Monday, January 07, 2008

downstairs in the secrets room

tied down to two silver wings
pride not easy to be lost
has been seen flying
in the skies

all those people, little things
a burden to their mothers host
have seen them dieing
by their lies

angel wings
that guide so well
into deepest hell

how could you ever imagine
you would get there easily
how did you ever come to this
this place is not thought for you

what so special about this
everyone owns one of those
how can you think
I’d be surprised

never i told such a thing
you are forsaken, have always been
you are trapped by what you’ll find
and with your wings you’ll join my night

you can not make this unhappened
carry my burden to the end

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Monday, January 07, 2008

Nevermore City

starlit where the bodies lie
sleeping there forever
bodies of the drunk and dry
frostbound they woke never

flowers risen up at the walls
beneath the golden city halls
beneath the shaking bells for years
paintings at frozen glass defers

what is never ment to be
is coatet within empty streets
here where the fiery rage burned thee
for thou was trapped between the sheets

of many layers of thy lies
that stapled up and scratched the skies
and blood flew downed and drowed thy whole
a quite small price for what thou stole

since those days this place is pale
the ashes conserved by bitter cold
inserted now is the last nail
the coffin ready to be sold

come and visit Nevermore
a place of unforgiving lore
where fair judgements are occurred
where coldest heart was stirred

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