Monday, March 03, 2008

The Devil with the Harp

drumming sounds float over the floor
trembling away from the door
they follow a precious little string
a melody unnatural, never played by our kin

my eyes follow the halling’s way
searching where its origins lay
rising up from down the floor
soundless I approach the door

as I slip through, silently
to not disturb the musics’ flow
I feel my ghostly entity
waving with every note, I go

come my friend and sing with me
never will I betray you
let us sing this melody
look in my eyes and don’t let go

let me lead your hand tonight
come to my breast
my wings shall rest
around your body, hold you tight

come and join my little hum
as I keep you all along
save within my wings
and continue picking at the strings

the halling comes from up the stairs
my dear mother-dragons lairs
she is long gone
and I have grown

this house, where I’ve been given birth
what did take me here, on earth
I question through the fligth and sound
I follow the red line at the ground

the old wooden steps don’t creak
don’t disturb the lulling song
the old ghosts here silently shriek
my parents are no longer strong

you found me and I thank you so
I’m free again, and I’ll repay
so in return I will find you
who forever turned from the day

stay where you are and come to me
I will teach you how to fly
as I teached you how to die
your lovely blood will make us be

I play for you as you did, too
you may not know what I’ve been through
you may never have agreed
but I still was to do this deed

I open my aching eyes
and see my lost soul rise
climbing up the stairs, I know
my mind asks “is that so?”

I was to die and wanted to
disabled body, reason low
no targets in my tired mind
but ‘what on earth’ I had to find

that lady should not die, too
“come on”, I said, “I’ll play for you”
now, carried on this deamons back
lying in the deamons arms
tears join my dripping, drumming blood
we fly as my soul disappears
my beauty we are out of here
I bite her neck, we fade to black

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