Thursday, February 19, 2009


I am a sunny shiny blinky
am a shiny blinky sunny
am a blinky sunny shiny
am a sunny blinky shiny
am a shiny sunny blinky
am a blinky shiny sunny
am a spaaaaaaaaaaarkle

doodoodoo doooooooooooooooooo

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Wednesday, February 11, 2009


and as the night fell i shook my heavy head to get rid of my delirium
i found myself on a field, together with the fallen and the decayed
a peaceful field, indeed, but as heavy, as my head has been, was the weight on my shoulders
i crawled forward, breaking in anew every few feet i made, to find something to feed on
to nurish me
i found a small pit of water, dark, reflecting the clouds and drank from it as i thought that it would still my thirst
and it did indeed
as i felt the cool rush through my empty body, i rose as the weight on me seemed to have vanished
i took a look around
everybody was dead here
i smiled a grim smile and took a deep breath
my hunger had vanished, too, and only left behind a little, comforting ache in my stomach
i took another deep breath and rose to my full height
i new, why i was here, i had fallen, i did not obey to the rules i made up for me, myself
but i am damned and damned i shall be, forever
i licked the water from my fingers and what had seemed to be water, was blood
i took another look at the pit of water
it was blood, too, my own blood
and it burned fiery in my veins
nothing ever keeps the jester down here
and there will be the day, that he will have entered here the last time
but until then, the morbid fascination, the grim light of the moon over the field of those, who will forever rest, will be charished as the sweetest drop of wine

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Thursday, February 05, 2009


oh mein Stern
der du mich trägst
deinem Glanz bin ich gefolgt
in das Land, das du versprachst

doch nun da du erloschen bist
und kein Glanz mehr scheint
schuf ich eignen Glanze mir
der immer wieder schwindet

oh, du Stern, wo soll ich hin
glänzest du doch wieder mir
denn es scheint vergebenst
meinen eignen Schein zu schaffen

denn kommt einmal der Tag
andem ich meine Hand nicht heb
um meinen Glanz zu halten
so werd ich tot am Boden liegen

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Sunday, February 01, 2009

Als da war ich der Narr

ich frage mich was ich hier soll
in diesem riesig großem Raum
mit ach so vielen Menschen drin

seh ich mich so toll
wie ein Hund mit einem Stock
zwischen den Menschen tanzen geh’n

Ich weiß nicht warum ich dies tu
Ich fragte mich, was ich hier soll
Und fand leider die Antwort nicht,
leiste nur meinen Drängen zoll

Als da war ich der Narr
Ich nahm die Kappe freier Hand
Und frei war mein Leben bald
Der König’ König unverkannt!

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