Thursday, May 28, 2009


where are the trees in the broad land
i saw with my head within my hand
where is the air i dreamed about
roaming in my lungs so sound

where is the peace i promised me?
where are the things i wish to see?
where is my work, where did it go?
my tether is so fucking low

I need…
I need…
I need…
I must…

I’m rattling at those chains of mine
I drop them one by one by one
but once I’m free and once I’m fine
I find that I am still not done

I need…
I must…

I’m running low
I will succeed
I will not bow
I’ll please my greed

And once I’m free I’ll smell the air
And alone I’ll turn around
And I’ll find under my hair
That I’m alone and again bound

I must…

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