Wednesday, July 15, 2009

would rather be stupid, i guess

in this giant cemetry
where people frolic and people end
i’d hold out my empty hand
stupidly hope that someone takes it
leading me away from here
a warm place where you don’t know fear

seeking for a higher good
just sent me to the ground
crushed and loosing my illusion
I’d rather hope for angel’s sound

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Monday, July 06, 2009

thrall of an idiot

running after orders
running out of time
can’t see a way to finish
which is the job of mine

I turn in twisted angles
and learn to switch my view
but where there is no see through
my mind won’t fit into

I can’t decline the orders
that keep me busy on the line
dividing void and reason
and my stressed limbs start to shine

why can’t he think a serious thought
can’t plan an important thing through
I can not endure every act
and he can’t help to seek the edge
where harmony and chaos pledge
a hard time to my breaking back

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