Thursday, July 29, 2010

one eyed ghost

shh, hush
calm, get up
hear the beating in the storm
the primal pulse in the raging silence
no word no sound comes to the ear
and yet you hear, and yet you hear

the storm tears us assunder
throws us towards eachother
and we dance with the rhythm from within
effortless we stand on the edge and can’t push on
with one eye open, one eye closed
the one eyed ghost, the one eyed ghost

we rage with mouths shut
and run into eachother
drifting past eachother
and we can’t get any closer
we stand motionless in the storm
all must be torn, all must be torn

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Saturday, July 17, 2010

second step into the garden

when i climbed onto the roof
to light a tealight and a drink
and stare at the stars alone
i didn’t know you’d come along

and as i drink this wicked tea
gazing into the blue black
i meet your eyes over the flame
and it puts my head to shame

my heart starts pounding, my hand trembling
i watch me as i loose control
i didn’t think i could be like this
what a strange and double edged bliss

i think i will keep this feeling
though i dubbed it futile once
may it be futile, may it hurt me
i’ll keep those eyes i like to see

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Wednesday, July 07, 2010


watching the clouds during the rain
feeling the raindrops on your closed eyes
standing on top of stones and hills
feeling a gentle storm’s touch
enjoying the embrace of the night
in a sweet summers breeze it lies
gazing the moon, gazing the sun
embrace the ones that mean so much

won’t last if you’re a seeking one
ask why, and it’ll all be gone

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