Sunday, November 14, 2010

creed of the sith

when the world starts to rumble
and the world starts to crumble
do not stay humble
or you too will tumble

you have to raise your head
none will go in your stead
you will have to go mad
or you will wind up dead

if you don’t burn with desire
you’ve already ‘come nothing
you can’t start your fire
you can only keep burning

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Friday, November 05, 2010


as if the world would jump aside
only leaving you in place
misplaced and without any holds
wondering what happened now

a fit of panick rising up
you frantically look around
and hope just anything is there
which you could cling to just right now

but you don’t find and you get lost
you find you’re spinning hopelessly
and then its all over, just like that
and you drop down, but don’t drop dead

and trouble’s far away for now
cause you don’t care and don’t know how
the world ends up changing, so
you just float and just let go

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Thursday, November 04, 2010

i really don’t care anymore, but i do

blicke ich in spiegelfenster
sinke ich in alte zeit
denk ich an die tausend fehler
klein und groß und weit und breit

weiß gott wen sonst die fehler stören
doch mich treiben sie gar sehr
wie sie meinen kopf betören
unruhig wälz ich hin und her

ob ich schon sprach zu falscher zeit
ob ich schon brach wichtige still
ob ich schon redete zu viel
kanns nicht ändern, trotz ich will

bett ich meinen kopf zur ruhe
frag ich ob man mir verzeiht,
wenn ich tatsächlich so tue
als wär nichts, oder obs entzweit

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Wednesday, November 03, 2010

answers without questions

pale, no expression in the face
far from a smile, far from a frown
a soft face, so tired looking
and yet the sunken eyes shine down

like rainbows or like waterfalls
silently admired works
that silently unstoppable
continue like they always do

destroy it or set it on fire
it just will come whole again
another form, another task
a force from within will last

it always will come whole again
unasked for, it returns to you
comes whole, comes standing before you
without expression in the face

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