Saturday, February 18, 2012


here in the wide plains
small cracks in the earth
dust like sand under my feet
I am dancing through the ashes

the pale moon kisses my skin
I glow just like him
and twist and twirl through
the fields of the dead

clouds rise all around me
where I leave, they billow up
I grab a head tight in my hands
and crush it down with all my might

I step over burnt carcasses
in the shadows of the clouds of ash
jumping to where the moon shines through
and keep searching for a living soul

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Sunday, February 12, 2012


I, I am core.
I am the odem
godly breath and
wind in the lungs
I am reason, I am
I am why the earth
wears the scent of flowers,
rain and washed away ozone
and the suns rays fall through
the prisms of our minds
covering us in ideas.
sprouts of me, in this world,
all you beloved lesser gods
which I could never harm,
fond memories and
items in my head.
I dream of a world where you carry on for me,
when I go to sleep.

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Friday, February 10, 2012

no reason NOT to vomit

i’m falling sideways to an enstranged tune
i vomit silk to mark my path
up and down in wavelike figures
the sun shines in a black high noon

my tearing eyes color my chest
and my skin crumbles apart
breadcrumbs on my road of silk
a scarf littered with rainbow dust

this is just, now i can see,
as years of falling bring me light
an odd dream, for what it’s worth
still better than reality

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