Monday, March 11, 2013

The Bird of Perdition

splintered shadows burst by light
glowing greyscaled wings take flight
staring gazes, but no eyes
tear down the borders of all lies
teeth into flesh and warm embrace
nothingness and all at once
kiss on the head with godly grace
splinters the mind and every chance
hatched from life impartially
the twilight pierces through a body
the touch of death totality
faceless bird come sing for me

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Tuesday, March 05, 2013

your embrace annihilates

quench my eternal thirst
seep it through my closed teeth
as I lie catatonic with
nothingness kissing my mind

grab my shoulders, shake me
cause I am wanting to stay dead
scream at and tear into me
till the blood streams from my head

I set the world on fire
I burned in my own flames
my power, laced desire
running through it all

I fell because I wanted
I can’t hold you anymore
For you I did all of this
Please let me rest a while and hush

Tomorrow I’ll fly with you
Carry us to the sun
And we will burn so bright that
We will seem as only one

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