Saturday, September 07, 2013

the wakening of the Ein Sof

sleeping dreamers, faster hearts
quickened minds and thoughts like darts
twitching, rolling; driven sleep
airborn from the final leap

we have been away so long
festering down in our own
a nest of shadows, lust and horror
thirsting for more, can never drown

and as our slumber gets disturbed
we shall rise again once more
and we shall rise with screams and claws
and dagger teeth to kill the whore

that made us what we are today
the thirsting one who we display
we fakes who had to keep our soul
disturbed devils, we who lay

we shall dance the dance, the hunt
and KILL that motherFUCKING CUNT

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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Loec’s Laughter

a grinning devil spoke to me
about the world and what will be
I grinned right back and said to him
“My eyes can see through broken glass
I feel the burning ball of gas
and there is laughter in my skin
If you so dare then take my hand
and I will drag you to the end
for I can not and must not care
for all of our insanity.”
he took my hand and set us free
and our mad laughter filled the air

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Wednesday, August 07, 2013


weiche Tritte
weite Schritte
versteckt im Dunkeln
so sie munkeln

schunkel schmunzelnd
Stirne runzelnd

schleicht durch Gassen
leere Straßen
bei Tag und Nacht
sei auf der Wacht

mein Werkzeug nehm
ich mir bequem

schon 50 Kinder
seit dem Winter
und machmal gar
das Eltern Paar

ohne Spur
die Kinder nur
die Alten tot
vom Blute rot

die Tasche pack
ich nach Geschmack

mal Abwechslung
bringt keinen um

große Krallen
soll es haben
und schwarzes Fell
und an der Augen stell

zwei extra Münder
für die Kinder
eins für Mädchen
voll von Zähnchen
eins für Jungen
voll von Zungen
und 4 Arme hat es auch
und ein Auge auf dem Bauch

nehm den Mantel
vom Gestell

ne Länge Seil
das gute Beil

der Kinderkäfig
voller stetig

doch’s wurd bestellt
mit gutem Geld

nen brünetter
ganz adretter

so mach ich Platz
und geh auf Hatz

hab keine Zeit für Mitgefühl
keine Zeit für gute Freunde
muss doch essen muss doch trinken
muss doch zum Onkel Doktor hinken
wie soll man sonst zu dieser Zeit
ein gutes Leben führen können
was Gutes tu doch den Kleinen!
kaufe Essen, kaufe Leinen
kauf ihnen schöne neue Kleider!
die zerreißen immer, leider.
Verkauft ins warme tief im Winter
Ich passe auf auf meine Kinder


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Monday, March 11, 2013

The Bird of Perdition

splintered shadows burst by light
glowing greyscaled wings take flight
staring gazes, but no eyes
tear down the borders of all lies
teeth into flesh and warm embrace
nothingness and all at once
kiss on the head with godly grace
splinters the mind and every chance
hatched from life impartially
the twilight pierces through a body
the touch of death totality
faceless bird come sing for me

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Tuesday, March 05, 2013

your embrace annihilates

quench my eternal thirst
seep it through my closed teeth
as I lie catatonic with
nothingness kissing my mind

grab my shoulders, shake me
cause I am wanting to stay dead
scream at and tear into me
till the blood streams from my head

I set the world on fire
I burned in my own flames
my power, laced desire
running through it all

I fell because I wanted
I can’t hold you anymore
For you I did all of this
Please let me rest a while and hush

Tomorrow I’ll fly with you
Carry us to the sun
And we will burn so bright that
We will seem as only one

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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Solitärs Ritus

ich blicke mit gelieh’nen Augen
Feen Feuer hüllt mich ein
mein letztes Lachen ungehört
in Flammen steht mein ganzes sein
Verzweifelnd werf ich Chaos’ Licht
und greif die Hand die stehts bereit
die große Leere singt für mich
es klingt für mich die Ewigkeit

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Friday, February 15, 2013


dust carried in a blow of wind
smoldering ashes shaken by it
wetted by the soil between
rotting trees and leaves
still stuck to the ground
in a crater, more like a dent
no scar in the soft earth
a fresh skeleton lies
as if untouched for centuries
its empty blackened bones
ignored by the wild
moss and fern claw on it
and make it one with the world
laughter halls through the trees
as the dust escapes this place

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Thursday, December 06, 2012

dream of war

but oh, again I rise my eyes
cold it is between the stars
in the corner of my eye demise
walking a straight path to mars

I’m offering nothing to my rage
exhaled is all of it since long
I touch the endless blackened cage
nothing I know is just as strong

but oh, again I rise my head
my eyes flickering with wonder
am I still not long since dead
between the stars I sleep and ponder

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Thursday, August 09, 2012

Malakai’s Gentle Touch

i have the headache of a lifetime
of every mimes laughter
warping the world around
with my uncontrolled thought

borders to the dreamland blur
beautiful voices whistle
as i drink tea from a broken cup
with my headache in a field of flowers

am calmly watching as it deconstructs
sipping on the poison of my choice
breathing time, exhaling empty pictures
wishing the headache would stay a while

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Tuesday, August 07, 2012


and all it takes – a single drop
of lunacy, but i took two
one for the pleasure
and one for the pain
wishing for death and
a thousand lives to live

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